online course master plan

The complete master plan for creating an online course that actually sells, and teaches you how to avoid the traps that cause most launches to flop.

Expand your reach and your income with an online course

You’ve been getting great results for your clients one-on-one… now it’s time to help more and more people.

I’ve been putting together online courses for thought leaders like you for nearly ten years –

from the germ of an idea…

to the technical nitty-gritty (so many options!)…

to marketing that works (and doesn’t feel icky).

I’ve broken down the steps for you into 5 core modules, and detailed all the steps, decisions and moving pieces to make it easy for YOU to step out with a winning online course.

Here's what's inside...


Design & Planning

  • You’ll discover who your ideal course-taker is and determine their biggest challenge – that you can EASILY solve
  • You’ll hone your course topic so you practically can guarantee success

Course Criteria

  • You’ll create the syllabus of your program – but NOT the full content (and you’ll learn why)
  • You’ll choose the best tech for you and your course-takers, and decide which bells and whistles just aren’t for you
  • Need a team? You’ll know who to hire and what you need them to do

Perfect Pricing

  • You’ll get my best nuggets of pricing strategy advice
  • You’ll learn what you need in place to “cover your butt”

Marketing & Promotions

  • You’ll design a marketing plan that feels great, looks fantastic and draws in exactly the right people to your course
  • You’ll create winning email series to sell your course, get people excited, and help them succeed

Running Your Class

  • You’ll schedule your class and be ready to dive into leading it
  • You’ll have all the resources you need at your fingertips so you can relax and focus on teaching your best material

You'll get LIFETIME access to the course

The Online Course Master Plan – 5 video modules explaining Gretchen’s Trello boards PLUS one module on how to use Trello
Value: $1,300

Gretchen’s Trello boards – These boards have ALL the info Gretchen uses to launch six-figure courses for her clients
Value: $1,000

BONUS Worksheets & Templates – Gretchen’s worksheets and templates will help you get clear and organized to design a transformative experience for your course-takers
Value: $700

That's a total value of $2,000!

But what would having a course FULL of your ideal people mean for your business? What is the value of that?

This Course Is Yours

for a small investment of


About Gretchen

I love online programs. I’ve taken more of them than I can count.

Some had great content, but the tech left quite a bit to be desired. And some were really slick and easy to use, but the content was “meh.”

It’s really rare to see an online program with both great content and technology.

I led my first online course in 2012, with the digital equivalent of duct tape and paperclips, and lost around $6,000.

But I learned a TON from putting it together, so when people started asking me to help I was full of advice. Free advice.

Eventually I did start charging (even my friends!) for tech, content and marketing advice. And I was the Online Marketing Director for a creative agency for a couple of years.

I’ve had a hand in online courses that have served tens of thousands of people, and generated millions of dollars.


My approach is a little different than what you’ll find in other courses. I believe in focusing on your strengths, and I don’t prescribe a one-size-fits-most strategy for success.

I’ll work with you to make sure you are delivering your best message to the right people, in a way that works with your business and lifestyle.

And we’ll have fun in the process!

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